Whether you help out in NLC Kids or Students, loving on them, singing songs or even something as small as a hug, can make a huge impact on that child's heart/life/experience. Not only are we making a change in those kids/students life, we are also making an impact in their parents lives! We are giving them a safe environment and people they can put their trust in.

I’m sure you’ve seen how a normal experience goes; the lights, the sounds,and the videos! Well, none of that would be possible without our awesome tech/production team! They help make it possible for the worship band to perform loud enough for everyone to hear, and to display the slides for people to worship along side them. The tech/production team also show the verses on the screen for those first time guests who may not have a Bible. This is a great role for anyone who loves to work behind the scenes!! This is a huge way to impact lives!!

The Band is the first thing a first time guest and normal attendee will hear when they first arrive to the NLC experience. Music makes a huge impact on how we worship and praise Jesus! How cool is it to be able to use your musical gifts given by God to help spread the Word? The Band and the music can impact and reach people in a way that words cannot, so if you play an instrument or sing, please don’t be afraid to show us!

It’s the little things that count. In the roles of Office and Admin, the work may seem simple but it can be the kick start to making some huge impacts on people’s lives! From running a few errands to helping prepare the lessons for NLC Kids, everything you do will give all the glory of God!

Last but not least, we have Guest Services. As someone who volunteers here, you are the very first interaction a first time guest will experience. Greeting them with a smile and a warm hello will give them a reason to feel wanted and welcomed. This role can make a huge impact on a first time guest’s life because you have the opportunity to help them choose to take the next step.


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