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Choose your favorite way to give.

Learn what your options are when deciding to give at Next Level Church, whether it’s in person, online, on your phone, or more.

Location Giving

While you’re attending experiences at NLC, you can use giving envelopes and either drop them in an offering bucket or at Guest Services.
You can always drop off or mail a check to your location office.

Give at your location

Smart Giving

Smart giving is the easiest and most convenient way to give at NLC. You can either give online or through your phone.

Giving Online

With our simple online giving service you can give by using your checking account or debit card and you can quickly set up a recurring gift so you don't have to remember to bring a check to church, and it’s completely safe and secure. You can schedule recurring gifts, review your giving history, update your contact information, and more online.

Start Giving Online
Giving Through Your Phone

You can give securely through our “Text-To-Give” option. Simply text “Give” followed by the dollar amount you would like to give (example: "Give 20") to 888-652-0889. You can learn more about how Text-To-Give works below.

Note: Your giving will be applied to your debit or credit card, not your phone bill.

Non-Cash Giving

If a cash gift is not the best option for you, consider some of these creative giving ideas:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Land
  • Homes
  • Cars
  • Collectibles

If you have any questions concerning ways to give, email us at finances@nlc.tv.
Ready to get started? Setting up a Smart Giving profile is a great place to begin.