Growth Track

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We want to set you up to succeed.

At NLC, one way that we do this is through our growth track. If you have already decided where you want to begin, feel free to scroll down and get started. If you are unsure of where to start, relax. We have created a simple and anonymous tool to help guide you to the track that fits you best. Follow the link below, answer a few quick questions, and our survey will suggest which track is the best place for you to jump in. No track is better than the next - each step is critically important to becoming the person Jesus wants you to be. We're all in this journey together.


Unsure about Jesus

You may want to start with this step if you are still deciding whether or not you are ready to follow Jesus. We have five options below, in no particular order, that we believe will help you as you explore questions about faith, Jesus, and God’s Word.

  • Go to a welcome Party

    Welcome Party is an environment where you can meet your location pastor, learn about NLC, and ask questions in a casual setting. Whether you’re visiting NLC for the first time or would like to find out what we’re about, we invite you to attend a Welcome Party and get to know us a little better.

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  • Learn the NLC Vision

    Watch a message from Pastor Josh as he explains the vision of NLC.

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  • Attend Starting Point

    Starting Point is for people who are curious about God, have a new relationship with Jesus Christ, or are returning to church after being away for a while. This NLC Group provides the opportunity for your questions to be answered and conversations to be made about God, the Bible, and Christianity.

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  • Get Connected

    Church doesn’t have to end when you leave the building. You can stay connected to NLC and receive encouragement and challenging thoughts all week long by following us on social media, contacting your location pastor, or signing up to receive Tvotions.

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  • Ask for Prayer

    We believe that prayer is the best way to communicate directly with God. Share prayer requests and commit to praying for others on our prayer wall.

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New Believer

You may want to start with this step if you are new to following Jesus. Below are five options, in no particular order, to guide you in the basics of Christianity and in developing spiritual habits to set you up for a lifetime of faithfulness.

  • Attend Next

    Next is a four-week class that walks new believers through foundational principles of the Christian faith. If you recently made the decision to become a Christ-follower, Next is the perfect place for you to learn how to live your new life in Christ.

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  • Get Baptized

    Baptism is the outward expression of an inward change. If you have recently been made new in Christ, learn how you can be a part of our Baptism Celebrations.

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  • Join a NLC Group

    You don’t have to do life alone. NLC Groups are designed to provide you with the community you need to thrive. We offer many groups across all our locations that fit your schedule, lifestyle, and spiritual needs.

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  • Join a NLC Team

    At Next Level, every group is formed around the passions and skills of our leaders. We are here to empower you and equip you for leadership. NLC Groups play an integral role in the mission of our church, and we want to get to know you before you take on this crucial role.

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  • Read The Bible

    Reading the Bible is essential to growing closer to God. His Word is one of the simplest ways for us to hear from God and learn how to follow God more closely. Choose a reading plan or devotional and get started today.

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Committed follower

You may want to start with this step if you are a committed follower of Jesus who is looking to dive deeper in your faith. Below are five options, in no particular order, to help expand your Biblical knowledge and challenge you to apply God's truth to your life.

  • Use Right Now Media

    Our desire is to see you grow in your faith, no matter where you are in your Christian walk. Which is why we’re offering a free subscription to everyone at NLC to RightNow Media, a Christian video-streaming service designed to equip families, resource groups, and develop leaders.

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  • Go on a mission trip

    At NLC, we take Jesus’ command to “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone” seriously. Find out how you can serve on an international mission trip and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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  • Lead a NLC Group

    At Next Level, every group is formed around the passions and skills of our leaders. We are here to empower you and equip you for leadership.

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  • Give to NLC

    We are big believers in generosity at NLC. When you give towards the vision you are helping us launch new locations, place our portable locations into permanent facilities, and ultimately further the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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  • Next Level University

    If you’re ready to take your knowledge of God and the Bible to the next level, sign up for Next Level University.

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