What are nlcGroups?

The Christian faith is deeply rooted in relationships. It’s about our relationship with God first and foremost and our relationship with others second. That is what God has called his church to be about: creating environments where authentic community and spiritual growth can take place. Communities that are so satisfying and so unique that they create a thirst in a watching world. At Next Level those communities are our nlcGroups. nlcGroups are groups of people who have committed themselves to pursuing God and pursuing relationships with others by meeting weekly to study God's word and encourage one another. In groups you will find the relationships and tools needed to deepen your relationship with Jesus.

All of our groups operate on the semester system to give you easy entry and exit points and the opportunity to explore several group options throughout the year. You can click "find a group" below to view our groups catalog and sign up today.

The majority of our groups are what we call "sermon-based groups" meaning they use our weekly study guides to follow along with every weekend's message. We recommend these groups for most people who have never been in a group before, as they allow for easy preparation in advance and cover real life topics week in and week out.

If you are interested in leading a group, you can also find out more about that using the button below.

If you have additional questions, email groups@nlc.tv.

What is a nlcGroup?

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