NLC Kids

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Raising up a generation of world changers who are passionate about Jesus.

Kids Playing

Our goal in NLC Kids is to partner with parents to love the next generation and lead them to life in Christ. At all of our locations, we have incredible kids' environments setup, each equipped with a full audio-visual setup and designed to engage children of different age levels through exciting music, teaching, and more.

We have customized children's environments for kids six weeks old through fifth grade and we invite your family to take a personal tour of NLC Kids on your first visit. It's been our experience that your children will not only enjoy NLC Kids but will beg to come back!

We divide our ministry into three separate environments so that we can engage your child at his or her level: Sprout, Quest, and Motion.

We divide our ministry into three separate environments so that we can engage your child at his or her level: Sprout, Quest, and Motion.


newborn — 3

Age-specific lessons capture kid's attention and imagination while fun activities help kids with Scripture memory. Our goal at this age is to create a safe environment which sets the foundation in young hearts that church is a place for both learning and fun.



Quest is a place of adventure and discovery.  Through play and hands-on activities, our preschoolers will explore God’s world and navigate the Bible learning these three core values: God made me, God loves, and Jesus is my friend forever.



Motion is about learning God’s Word and living it. Kids at this age are looking for a place to have fun and to belong. In Motion, we teach kids 3 core values: I need to make the wise choice, I can trust God no matter what, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.


It's going to be my first time at NLC Kids... what do I do?

As soon as you walk through the doors, there will be people and signage to point you in the right direction.  For each age group there is a check in station where you will register your children. After your child is registered, you will be encouraged to take a tour of our NLC Kids to ensure your comfort.

What are your procedures for keeping the children safe and accounted for?

Safety and security are fundamental to our NLC Kids experience. Every NLC Kids volunteer has had a background check performed and received thorough training. Children can't be picked up by an adult without the security tag that is received at check in. Parents can also be notified at any time on a screen in the worship experience if they are needed in the children's area.

Who will be working with my child? Or how can I become involved?

NLC Kids volunteers are highly dedicated and see the opportunity to serve children and families as a privilege. All of our volunteers pass security screenings and training. If you would like to get involved as a NLC Kids volunteer, email our Kids Director, Sarah Bolduc at

What exactly happens in NLC Kids?

Every child will experience specially selected music, teaching, and small group activities, accompanied by several fun games and activities that will help them to both learn and play in age-appropriate environments.

What should I do after the experience ends?

When you check your child out of NLC Kids, or on your way home, we encourage you to ask your child about what they learned and help them figure out how to apply it during the upcoming week. You can also visit the NLC Kids Blog to access our Parent Cues which give weekly tips on how to connect what your child learned with their everyday life.

What else do I need to know about NLC Kids?

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of the experience, so that you and your child can enjoy the entire experience.
  • Please label your child's belongings before you arrive (bags, bottles, pacifiers).
  • If a NLC Kids staff member or volunteer needs to contact you during the experience, your child's check-in code will appear on the screen in the worship experience.
  • To ensure the health of children and volunteers, we ask that sick children not attend NLC Kids.
  • Please inform the volunteers at check in if your children will be attending more than one experience.
  • Safety and security are of the utmost importance to us. You must have the security tag with you to pick up your children after the experience.