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    Hey NLC,

    I pray you are living in the grace of God and that His kindness and love for you is drawing you to repentance and freedom. If you missed last weekend, you missed a truly incredible weekend! I know I sound like a broken record when I say we had a great weekend, but this past weekend we had 49 first time families fill out a connect card, 13 people surrender their lives to Jesus, and a non-holiday all time high in attendance. This weekend was the fourth weekend in a row we've set an attendance record! PRAISE GOD for His faithfulness!!! You don't get to hear as many of the stories of lives forever changed as I do, the people who had given up on God and church who have now found a new hope in Jesus, and the hundreds of people overcoming addiction...that is why numbers matter, that is why records are so important! You can't reach people with the love of Christ at church if they are at home. You are truly a part of one of the greatest church stories in all of America and I say that will all sincerity! Churches around the world are talking about what God is doing through you! Let's keep inviting people to experience the love of God in an atmosphere that has thought of them before they even arrived!

    Next weekend, as most of you know, is Easter and we are expecting 3000-4000 people in attendance! If you can serve at any of the 16 weekend experiences it would be a blessing. There is no better weekend for NLC to love those far from God and move them to life in Christ. We also need all hands on deck for the Helicopter Egg Drop. Whether you attend Somersworth, Portland, Epping, or Portsmouth...we need your help. Also, invite, invite and invite... We did a 40,000 piece direct mailer and have 220 TV commercials hitting this area next week, so as a church leadership we are doing as much as we can to get the word out about Easter at NLC, but there's no better way to invite someone to church than a personal invite! I'm believing for over 100 salvations on Easter weekend! Will you believe that with me? Will you pray for that with me? I promise our leadership will put forth the best representation of the Gospel message we can and I know that our God is faithful! We do what's possible and let Him do the impossible! Going to be an unforgettable Easter! I'm sure some experiences will be out of seats, so get there early!

    Lastly... This Sunday at 11:00am, I will be preaching on WBIN TV. Their website is www.wbintv.com. I'd love for you to use social media to spread the word as we try and bring church to those who may not be willing to walk into a church. It's a major station in the area, so people with cable & satellite all get the station. You can record it, but you're not allowed to miss church to watch it :) plus it's a message you've already heard!

    Love you all and I can't believe I get to pastor one of the fastest growing churches in the history of New England. I often look in the mirror and wonder if God is sure He wants me to pastor such an amazing church! You are all such a blessing to me, Jennifer, and our boys!

    In Christ,
    Pastor Josh

    PS. This is just the very beginning. As we are faithful with what God's given us, He will bless us with even more!

  • Setlist 4/6

  • Just the Start!

    What a phenomenal weekend. Let's review!

    - Portsmouth Launched with 250 people in attendance!

    - Record number of families across the four locations in New England!

    - 54 New Families who filled out Connect Cards!

    - 11 Salvations!!!

    The best is yet to come!!!

    We are seeing greater things than have ever been seen in this region and we get to help lead the way! I'm so excited for this first weekend in April and the huge opportunities we have this month! Coming up:

    * 4/6 - continuing our current teaching series "Jesus is ___"

    * 4/20 - Easter!!! The egg drop will be huge! Make sure you sign up here on the website and let me know of you would like to be a part of this. Email me at jud@nlc.tv

    * 4/27  NEXT - This is an opportunity to find out more about NLC, the history, the here and now, and the heartbeat. Don't miss out Sunday 4/27 right after church. Be there!

    There is so much more that is happening and will be happening. I can't wait to celebrate again this weekend and see what life change can come from what God does this week in New England!

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