• This weekend

    This weekend we finish up the final week of "At The Movies".  We have candy, popcorn, lemonade, and special prize giveaways being handed out this weekend!  

  • Movie Night Tonight!

    Our summer series At The Movies is finally here! We know that this is one of the most anticipated series of the year and to add to the excitement, we will be having a Wreck It Ralph movie night right here in the Portland auditorium! So bring a blanket and your favorite snacks, Movie Night will be TONIGHT July 18th @ 6:30pm. See you there!

  • Message from pastor Josh

    Hey NLC,

    I sincerely hope and pray that you are having a great summer! I know so many of you have been traveling, camping, going to the lakes and beaches, working on your yard and going to various parties. I urge you to keep God a priority in your life even in the midst of a season where everything begs for your attention. This weekend we launch one of the most unique, sought after, exciting, life-changing and fun series of each year called "At The Movies". We have food and drinks in our lobbies, and for the locations that don't meet in a movie theater, your lobbies have been turned into a movie theater! Invite, invite and invite your friends and family to church this weekend - I'm not sure there has ever been a weekend more fitting to bring someone to NLC.

    I love that we are a part of a church that even in the summer sees people far from God moved to life in Christ. I want to share some numbers with you... Obviously in the summer we don't set many attendance records :) in fact, there are weeks we are 300-500 people lower in attendance than our spring average. So, it's easy to just wish summer by without acknowledging all that God is doing. Well, instead of doing that, let's give God praise for what he's done the last 5 weeks at NLC! We've seen 36 people receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, 30 people have signed up to begin volunteering and use their gifts to make an eternal difference, 34 people have made what I believe is a MUST decision and joined a NLC group and we've seen 116 families fill out first time connect cards. THAT'S ALL HAPPENED IN THE LAST FIVE WEEKS!!!! In the heat of summer!!!! Better get to church early this fall if you want a seat :) I love what God is doing at our church and I'm so thankful I get to be a part! The best is surely ahead...I know the vision God's given me and we haven't even left the runway yet. The least churched region of America will be different because God chose to use us...that's AWESOME!

    I'll see you this weekend, remember to stay up to date with what's happening at your location by checking the NLC news pages or reading your location pastor's emails. Tons of fun gatherings are happening at all locations over the next month, so there is no excuse for you to not feel involved and not make new friends!

    P.S. I'd appreciate your prayers, I leave today and come back Friday for a 1 day coaching opportunity with Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley. Just a handful of pastors in America will be there for this invitation only event and I'm praying God will grow me in many ways through this awesome opportunity and privilege! Thanks for the prayers :)

    Live Weird For HIM,

    Pastor Josh

  • At the movies

    At the movies begins this weekend!  

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