Growth Track

We are one church meeting in multiple locations reaching people far from God and bringing them to life in Christ.

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We want to set you up to succeed.

At NLC, one way that we do this is through our growth track. If you have already decided where you want to begin, feel free to scroll down and get started. If you are unsure of where to start, relax. We have created a simple and anonymous tool to help guide you to the track that fits you best. Follow the link below, answer a few quick questions, and our survey will suggest which track is the best place for you to jump in. No track is better than the next – each step is critically important to becoming the person Jesus wants you to be. We’re all in this journey together.


Unsure about Jesus

You may want to start with this step if you are still deciding whether or not you are ready to follow Jesus. We have five options below, in no particular order, that we believe will help you as you explore questions about faith, Jesus, and God’s Word.

  • Attend Next

  • Learn the NLC Vision

  • Attend Starting Point

  • Get Connected

  • Ask for Prayer


New Believer

You may want to start with this step if you are new to following Jesus. Below are five options, in no particular order, to guide you in the basics of Christianity and in developing spiritual habits to set you up for a lifetime of faithfulness.

  • Attend Roots

  • Get Baptized

  • Join a NLC Group

  • Join a NLC Team

  • Read The Bible


Committed follower

You may want to start with this step if you are a committed follower of Jesus who is looking to dive deeper in your faith. Below are five options, in no particular order, to help expand your Biblical knowledge and challenge you to apply God’s truth to your life.

  • Use Right Now Media

  • Partner with Compassion

  • Lead a NLC Group

  • Give to NLC

  • Next Level University