Message Study Guide: August 7

August 7, 2017

Galatians Chapter 1

Main Point:  We are more broken than we could imagine and yet more loved than we could ever dared to hope.

-Paul would go to different areas and start what the Bible calls ecclesia.  We think of this as a building with a steeple… but what does it really mean?  Ecclesia means gathering.  Talk about the implications of this and what the differences that might happen in the way we look at modern day church if we all were just people gathering to love God and love people.

-Judaizers said that you’ve only got it half right… You need to also be circumcized.  You need Jesus yes, but you also need to follow the law that Moses gave to the Jews if you want to be saved.  Pastor Roman said that it is to pervert or corrupt or distort or even poison.  What ways has modern church teaching done to pervert the Gospel?  Have we added anything to Jesus?

-Jesus boiled it down to “Love God, and love people.”  Read Matthew 5:24.  What does that say about where our importance should be?  Does he make it seem like the measuring stick for righteousness is church attendance?  Or is it rather about taking the steps to making sure things are right with God and right with others?  Have you ever had to actually do this?

-Religion asks “What must I do or what must I believe to be made right with God?”  But Jesus invites us to abandon religion, to abandon rituals and to step into a relationship with him.  It’s at the heart of religion to want to do something… talk about why is it so difficult for us to simply believe in the simple Gospel?

-“If you ever feel guiltier about missing church than you do about mistreating someone.”

-“If you spend days living in guilt and heaviness unable to receive forgiveness from God.”

-Is that coming from God or a place of religious thinking?

-“If your motivation to do any sort of good (give, pray, attend church, help someone) is in response to some sort of bad you did.

Read Romans 3:20-22. What is the Gospel?

  • You cannot earn God’s acceptance by observing the law
  • The purpose of the law is to show our need for a Saviour
  • Righteousness with God comes by faith in Christ alone


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